Fishing in small rivers

Fishing in small rivers in Auvergne

Welcome to my country! Here flows a water system out of the ordinary on these volcanic grounds. Wedged between the Massif du Sancy and the Mounts of Cantal. We find a myriad of small rivers like the Tarantaine, the Rhue, the Santoire, the Alagnon, the Chavanod, the Dordogne, the Sumène, the Mars, the Couse Pavin, and more. Special mention goes to the Sioule, a river I adore and know very well.

Fly fishing can be practiced in the river, but not in all areas. It requires constant rigor and adaptation, there is no time for snooze in the laurels!

I am happy to be your guide for this area, either on a day trip or 2 to 5 day course.

The techniques that will be taught are fly fishing. With dry flies, nymphs, drowned, streamers, as well as techniques of throwing in rivers and reservoirs, and carnivorous fly fishing.

We will provide you with independent accommodations or full-board in Picherande, as well as all fly fishing equipment necessary for your trip.

DurationNumber of fishersTotal price
1 dayIndividual180€
2 people200€ (100€/person)
3 people225€ (75€/person)
4 people250€ (62.50€/person)
2 daysIndividual360€
2 people400€ (200€/person)
3 people450€ (150€/person)
4 people500€ (125€/person)
3 daysIndividual450€
2 people600€ (300€/person)
3 people690€ (230€/person)
4 people750€ (170€/person)
4 daysIndividual600€
2 people790€ (395€/person)
3 people900€ (300€/person)
4 people1000€ (250€/person)