Road Trip on the A89

This package is a 4 day fishing road trip. Going down Autoroute 89, the high quality fishing in France will be highlighted.

During these 4 days, you will experience a large diversity in landscape, technique, and fish.

The first day will be in Dordogne in limestone bogs for black bass fly fishing in the bayou.

The second day, we will find ourselves in the Dordogne river in Argenta, the capital of fly fishing in France. We will fish for route and grueling. This river is ideal for practicing French nymphing and other modern techniques. At night between rain showers, the fish will begin to rise. A magnificent spot for all fly fishers.

The third day, we enter the gorges of Chavanon. The Chevènement is a small river at 10 meters at the longest length. It marks the border between the Creuse and the Puy of Dome. It is certainly one of the wildest rivers in Auvergne. Its fawn and flora make it a remarkable location. Fishing for Fario trout and light nymph fishing for graylings are particularly exciting here. Yet another way to practice and learn these fly fishing techniques.

The fourth day, we end our trip at the Sioule. May I present to you, the jewel of Puy of Dome. Graylings and trouts as well as tacon await us in the most beautiful of rivers in Auvergne. Of average size, it offers us an alternate route both calm and fast. Many different types of fish are represented in this area.

Price for 4 days of fishing

  • For one person, 890€
  • For two people, 690€ par personne

This course is limited to 2 people at a time. The package does not include accommodations or food.

For accommodations and food, please consider:

  1. Camping or bungalow rental
  2. Luxury hotel rental
  3. Contact me for other options